Building the 13' Lyman

A) As You can see, the class was a success.

B) The mold is ready to go and is built of 3/4" exterior plywood and common fir lumber.  Plans for the mold were taken from the original 1948 full size Lyman line drawings furnished by Koroknay's Marine Woodworking.

C) The 9 planks hung, the planking is now halfway.

The planking is finished and the hull is ready to be removed from the mold and receive its ribs.

D) The hull is completed and awaits its ribs.

E/F) Setting the ribs



G) Seats, hardware, and finish are all that remains to be finished on the second Leader replica.

H) Finished and ready for the water

I) Resting on an original Lyman building dolly, the first replica is finished.

J) At home in the Sandusky Bay the first Lyman replica floats near the No. 3 Coal Dock.

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