Sandusky Area Shipwrecks

Investigate several artifacts from Sandusky area shipwrecks, such as the F.H. PRINCE , ST. LOUIS and AMERICA.

wetlands exhibit


Learn about local wetlands wildlife and the importance of wetland ecosystems through this interactive exhibit.


Success: The Convict Ship

View several artifacts from the Success, a trade ship turned into a floating prison that went around the world and spent its final days in Sandusky Bay.

Lyman boat works 

Lyman: Legend of the Lakes

Explore the history of Lyman Boat Works as you view several Lyman boats, artifacts and historical photographs of the company up close and personal.

Harvesting the Sandusky Bay

Harvesting the Sandusky Bay

Discover the historical importance of Sandusky's commercial fishing and ice harvesting industries on Sandusky Bay .

Pirates on Lake Erie 

Pirates on Lake Erie

Climb aboard a pirate ship, play pirate games and learn how swashbuckling pirates lived. Discover "pirates" from Lake Erie, such as rum runners, and learn the story of a plot to release Confederate prisoners from Johnson's Island in Sandusky Bay during the Civil War.

passenger boats 

Passenger Boats

Learn how passsenger boats like the Chippewa, Boeckling, Kelley islander, Endeavor and more made mass travel on Lake Erie possible during the 1800's and 1900's.



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