The Museum will reopen May 1, 2021.


Do I need to wear a mask?

ALL visitors must wear a mask per the state-wide mandate. We appreciate your cooperation to ensure the safety of all guests and staff. 


Do you have specific times for people who are at-risk?

The At-risk population may call to schedule a private tour on any day except for Saturday. 


What is the museum doing to make my visit safe?


When you visit us, you’ll notice all our staff will be wearing masks. In addition, we require daily health screening assessments for all museum staff. We are also cleaning frequently touched surfaces like exhibit buttons, railings and door handles hourly and offering hand sanitizing stations in the museum. You will see expanded signage to encourage social distancing among guests.


What can I do to help keep the museum safe for all visitors?


You can wear a mask to protect our staff and other visitors. We ask that you keep 6-feet between yourself and anyone outside your group. Additionally, please do not enter if you are sick or have had contact with someone who is sick.


You have a lot of hands-on activities for children —will these all be closed?


A few of our hands-on exhibits will be closed temporarily while we determine how best to make them safe and clean for all visitors. However, the majority of our exhibits will remain open. 


How will the museum account for social distancing?


Social distancing will be enforced throughout the museum. Signage is placed throughout the museum to indicate the 6-feet apart social distancing guidelines and to indicate a flow of traffic to reduce contact.

*Due to social distancing requirements, will stagger or limit the amount of people in museum. If the museum is full, you may be asked to wait or come back at a later time.