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The Maritime Museum offers a Historical Program Series in the winter months on Saturdays at 1:00pm.  Topics vary by year and speakers are brought in to present on Great Lakes History, Ohio History, and other topics. 
Museum staff also offer traveling programs for speaking presentations to groups of all sizes.

Traveling Programs Bureau

All traveling programs are approx. 45 minutes in length. Museum staff have a portable screen, projector, and laptop if needed. Some programs have artifacts that travel with them. Traveling Programs are $75 and can be booked by calling the Maritime Museum @ 419-624-0274.

  • War of 1812: Battle of Lake Erie ~ Learn about how Oliver Perry and the American Fleet defeated British Naval Forces just west of Put-In-Bay

  • Sandusky Maritime & the Underground Railroad ~ Prior to the Civil War, many escaping slaves traveled through Sandusky on their way to freedom. Hear stories of escape and learn about Sandusky abolitionists that aided fugitive slaves on their way to Canada.

  • Johnson’s Island Confederate Prison ~ A prison built for Confederate officers, Johnson’s Island boasted the lowest mortality rate of all the prisons; both Union and Confederate. This program also discusses day-to-day life for prisoners and the uniqueness of their situation during the American Civil War.

  • Ohio’s Wetlands ~ This program outlines the different ecosystems along Lake Erie and why they are important to the health of our great lake. Features a case study of the Great Black Swap.

  • The G.A. Boeckling: Ferrying Passengers to Cedar Point ~ Travel back to Cedar Point in the early 1900s and learn the story of its beloved ferry boat the G.A. Boeckling.

  • Lake Erie Shipwrecks: Part I ~ This program covers 7 wrecks found in the Western portion of Lake Erie along with one famous non-Lake Erie wreck.

  • Harvesting Sandusky Bay (winter & summer) ~ Two major industries, ice harvesting and commercial fishing, and how they functioned over 100 years ago.

  • Haunted Sandusky  (NEW) ~ The presentation version of our popular Haunted Sandusky Bay Walks; this program covers paranormal happenings, murders, and mysteries centered around downtown Sandusky. 

  • Glaciers & the Great Lakes ~ The forming of the Inland Seas and their flora & fauna.

  • The Christmas Tree Ship ~ The story of the famous ship, Rouse Simmons, who delivered Christmas Trees annually to Chicago. This program covers her owner’s impressive business and her tragic wreck